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June 14, 2014
2002 National Convention
Eight FFA Members recently traveled down to Louisville Kentucky to experience the 75th National FFA Convention. Samantha Datka, Alissa Goff, Garritt Venema, Heather Hopkins, Ann Schutt, Kevin Schutt, Dana Miller, and Dave Hitz spent four days at the convention.  Upon arriving in Louisville on October 30, they went to the opening session of the convention where Mohammed Ali received the leadership award from the FFA. On Thursday and Friday they attended more sessions, listening to guest speakers such as Rick Pitino, Dr. Rick Rigsby, and hearing their national officers retiring speeches. The members also went to a rodeo, the Zoo, and the University of Louisville planetarium, the Huber’s farm for dinner, and were entertained by the country group Emerson Drive. At the sessions, the group watched many FFA members receive awards and honors, and listen to the National FFA Band and Choir’s musical talent. They also attended a leadership workshop, where they learned about different types of personalities and how to use those personalities to accomplish activities. The trip was overall a great one and the FFA members learned many new things and met lots of new people.
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