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June 14, 2014
News Archive

Judging Contest Trips (2010)

2010 State FFA Convention (2010)

The 2010 summer started with a great high note as Stephanie Anderson sang her way into the Wisconsin State FFA Honors Chorus.

2010 Alumni Year in Review (2010)

Members attend Leadership Training (2010)
DDHS FFA members have attended multiple leadership conferences throughout the school year. Many freshman attended the FIRE Conference where they were introduced into FFA and the procedures, behaviors, and expectancies of an FFA member.

2009 National Convention (2010)

2010 Food for America (2010)

Paperless Classroom Saves Money (2010)

Champions of the Fair (2007)

State Convention (2007)

50th Annual FFA Banquet (2007)

This year was the Delavan Darien FFA Chapter’s 50th year, which we celebrated on March 22. Eight Past FFA presidents came to the Banquet to be honored by our chapter for contributing so much to the years’ successes. State officer Jenny Breuer also attended the event at which she gave a speech about her experiences in FFA and encouraging our members to keep driving forward. Overall, it was a major success in which everyone was congratulated for a job well done.

Food For America (2007)

On Friday, April 20th 2007, 40 FFA members went to the Keizer Farm with animals and farm equipment to teach local 4th graders and preschoolers about the different aspects of agriculture.

Speaking Contest (2007)

This year the FFA hosted the annual Speaking Contest and several teams from across the district participated against each other for the chance to compete at the state level.

79th National FFA Convention (2006)

Plattville Livestock Judging (2006)

Adam Grice placed 15th overall and Kristy McKinney placed 4th overall. They judged different classes of livestock in Platteville. The Delavan Darien FFA judging team placed 10th overall out of 35.

FFA Pumpkin Carving (2006)

Several members of the FFA took part in pumpkin carving. The Jacobson Family donated 50 pumpkins that were both carved and distributed to local nursing homes.

Tyler Meyer Comes in 4nd (2006)

Section 10 Leadership Conference (2006)

World Dairy Expo (2006)

Corn Fest 2006 (2006)

FFA web site #1 in the State (2006)

2006 Wis State Fair (2006)

This year at the State Fair Travis Brown won Champion state barrow. Several other member participated in different show.

Monsanto Trap Program (2006)

The Monsanto company sponored a project that allowed FFA chapters to participate allowing them to help fight crop disease.

Safety Operators Contest (2006)

Tanner Schmaling, a freshman, who is one of the 06-07 vice presidents for the DDHS FFA, took 2nd in section 10 Safe Tractor Operators Contest that took place this May 13th in East Troy.  Congratulations Tanner!

Food for America 2006 (2006)

National FFA Convention (2005)

This year several of our Members attend this years convention in Louisville, Kentucky for the last time. Starting Next year it will be moved to Indianapolis, Indiana.

FFA Annual Pumpkin Carving (2005)

Section 10 Leadership Conference (2005)

On the 3rd of October, five members of the Delavan-Darien FFA attended the Section 10 Leadership Workshop.  There the officers met National President Jackie Mundt.  They participated in leadership sectionals.  According to one officer, "it was wonderful and I learned a lot; like how to manage the FFA better and how to motivate the members to become more active."

FFA Lends a Helping Hand (2005)

The Delavan- Darien FFA took part in their annual community service project. This year, the students worked at Wildwood and West Park in Darien.

Dairy Expo (2005)

The World Dairy Expo FFA judging Contest was held October 4th in Madison Wisconsin.

President Bush spends time with State Presidents (2005)

FFA state presidents and the national FFA officers had the experience of a lifetime meeting with President George W. Bush at the White House Thursday during the FFA State Presidents’ Conference in Washington, D.C., July 28.

President Bush speaks in Pennsylvania (2005)

Wisconsin State FFA Convention (2005)

Follow this link to the official convention homepage to find out schedules of awards, keynote speakers, workshops, tours and much more.

From 1958 to Present (2005)

Every year at the annual FFA Banquet the chapter awards several members with a Chapter Degree. They also present the Honarary Chapter Degree to supporters and local bussiness who have shown support throughout the year. The Degree is a way for the chapter for saying thankyou for showing continued support for FFA and Agriculture in our schools.

Banquet Pictures (2005)

Food for America (2005)

On Wednesday, April 20 th The Delavan-Darien FFA Hosted its annual Food For America at the Keizer Farm on County Rd. M. Over 250 4th Graders from local schools in Delavan, Darien and Williams Bay areas came to tour the farm.

77th National FFA Convention (2004)

This year eight members from the chapter were chosen to attend the Convetion at Louisville, Kentucky this past October. 

Food for America  (2004)

Fruit Sale (2003)

The FFA Officer team would like to thank all those were purchased fruit in this years fruit sale, with your help the FFA raised over 9,500 dollars.  This years top fruit salesman was Dan Peterson who sold approximately 3,800 dollars worth of fruit.  Congratulation Dan on job well done, he has earned a free trip next year to the National Convention in Louisville , Kentucky .

National FFA Convention (2003)

Members that will be representing the FFA at the National FFA Convention are Dave Hitz, Ali Goff, Steve Schoenbeck, Samantha Datka, Kevin Schutt, Alisha Davis, Garritt Venema, and Kim Killoy.

FFA Lends a Helping Hand to the Community (2003)

On October 18th FFA members went out to the local community and raked leaves, for local senior citizens and families within the area.

World Dairy Expo (2003)

Forty students attended the World Dairy Expo on Wednesday, Oct 1st.  Nine competed in Dairy Cattle, Forage and Dairy Products Judging contests, the rest toured the expo, learning more about the Dairy Industry.

Section 10 Leadership Conference (2003)

Five officers attended the Section 10 Leadership workshop in Beaver Dam on Sept. 22nd.

Southern Junior Livestock Contest (2003)

A livestock team went to the Southern Junior Livestock contest and placed third on Saturday, September 13th.  Team members included Samantha Datka, Travis Brown, Steve Cox and Mark Maronde.

Dedication of Glen Holman Memorial (2003)

74th Wisconsin FFA Convention (2003)

Rescued POW is a Former FFA Member (2003)

We were thrilled to hear of the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, a former FFA member from West Virginia . All are proud of her. more...

Food For America (2003)

Food for America was held at Keizer Farms right outside of Delavan. It was very successful. There were over 270 4th grade kids that attended more...

A day care from Elkhorn visits our animals (2003)

Speaking Contest Success (2003)

On February 10, 2003 nine students and Mr. Imrie and student teacher Ms. Adams set off to a speaking contest at Bigfoot High school . On arrival to the high school all the students were feeling a little nervous. While Cassie Coleman and Madie Jacobson tried their luck at the creed, a contest for first year members to get to know the FFA and the hopes that FFA has a little better. more

75th National FFA Convention (2001)

Eight FFA Members recently traveled down to Louisville Kentucky to experience the 75th National FFA Convention. Samantha Datka, Alissa Goff, Garritt Venema, Heather Hopkins, Ann Schutt, Kevin Schutt, Dana Miller, and Dave Hitz spent four days at the convention. more

Milk Machine over a year old (2001) Since the milk machine was first turned on November 5, 2001 we have sold 9682 chugs and that varies from egg nog to water. Our leading products continue to be chocolate milk and orange juice. more..

Battle Ball Tournament Helps Buy New York Fire Truck(2001)

All money collected from the Delavan-Darien FFA battle ball tournament was donated to the CTSO. The CTSO stands for Career and Technical Student Organizations. This organization hopes to collect $448,000 to buy a fire truck. This fire truck will be given to the New York City Fire Department. Teams from the FFA Battle Ball Tournament tested their endurance in the gym at Delavan-Darien High School on May 29 at 3:00 . The tournament helped raise $500 toward the fund. more...

DDHS FFA Ranked 18th Largest

The Delavan-Darien FFA is the 18th largest FFA Chapter in Wisconsin for the 2001-2002 school year. The Chapter has119 members this year.

State FFA President addresses the State Assembly May 1, 2002

Cortney Peissig , Wisconsin FFA President addressed the State Assembly. She spoke on many topics including: What is the FFA? and Why is FFA Valuable for Students and Wisconsin ? more...

S.M.I.L.E.S. Fundraiser (2001)

The Delavan Darien FFA and FFA Alumni recently donated $100 to S.M.I.L.E.S. The FFA held a chili supper in February as a fund raiser for S.M.I.L.E.S. S.M.I.L.E.S. (special methods in learning equine skills) is a therapeutic riding center in Darien . They offer lessons to people with various disabilities. more...

Food for America (2001)

Food for America was held on the Kiezer farm in Delavan. The 4th graders that attended had a fun time as well, as the FFA members that were there. more...

Ryan Debuck National Finalist (2001)

Ryan D. DeBuck, 18, of the Delavan- Darien FFA Chapter, in Wisconsin is one of four national finalist who competed for the title of national winner in the Turf Grass Management proficiency award program at the 74th National FFA Convention October 24-27, in Louisville , KY.   more...

Aaron Moore receives American Degree (2001)

This year at National Convention Aaron Moore received his American Degree that is the highest award you can get while in FFA. more...

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