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June 14, 2014
This Article Appeared on the National FFA Website
Rescued POW is a Former FFA Member

We were thrilled to hear of the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, a former FFA member from West Virginia. All are proud of her. All admire her courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. We are no different. We rejoice with her family and friends and wish her a speedy and full recovery.

We've also worked with Jessica's advisor and contacts to obtain an address where you can send cards and greetings to her.

Contact Jessica:

  • Letters, cards, well wishes, etc., can be sent to the following address:
    Lynch Family
    Palestine Post Office
    Palestine, WV 26160
  • Also, a local bank has set up a trust fund to which people can make contributions:
    Jessi Lynch Fund
    Wesbanco Bank Incorporated
    PO Box 579
    Elizabeth, WV 26143
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