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June 14, 2014
Speaking Contest Success

By: Magen  Tarbox

On February 10,2003 nine students and one brave Mr. Imrie set off to a speaking contest at Bigfoot High school. On arrival to the high school all the students were feeling a little nervous. While Cassie Coleman and Madie Jacobson tried their luck at the creed.  Kim Killoy and Ann Schutt did the extemporaneous speaking contest.  The parli pro team, which consists of Ann Schutt, Magen Tarbox, Dana Miller, Alissa Goff, and Samantha Datka, took second place. They will be going to the sectional contest on March 10, 2003. The creed speakers took sixth and eleventh while the extemp speakers took fifth and sixth place   We want to congratulate everyone on the great job they have done, thank every one for their participation in the events, and wish the parli pro team good luck at the sectional contest.

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