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June 14, 2014
2006 World Dairy Expo

On Tuesday October 3, 37 members of the Delavan-Darien FFA attended the World Dairy Expo in Madison.  At the Expo students are able to observe dairy shows that include some of the best animals from all over the world as well as attend educational seminars and view exhibits displaying technological advancements in the dairy industry.  There are also judging contests in which each school can enter a 3 person team in Dairy, Dairy Products and Forage Management.  The Delavan-Darien FFA Forage Management team consisted of David Warner, Adam Grice and Kyle Schoenbeck.  The Dairy Products team members were Kelsey Albrecht, Greg Gerkhardt and Bryar Veley.  The Dairy team included Tanner Schmaling, Tyler Meyer and Stuart Schutt.  Results of the Forage Management contest were not available when this article was written.  The Dairy Products team placed 69th out of 92 teams.  The Dairy team placed 40th out of 131 teams led by Stuart Schutt who placed 13th overall.

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